Simon Casas is the CEO and Founder of The HR Office, a firm specializing in Leadership, Business, HR and Payroll Guidance. He enjoys working with clients in a variety of industries and takes pride in the relationships he has built with his clients. Simon is a member of the Grandview, Harrisonville and the NEJC Chambers of Commerce and ToastMasters.

Simon is a sought-after consultant, mediator, investigator and speaker. He is a DDI Certified Facilitator, a Continuing Education Instructor with Johnson County Community College, an adult education instructor with MCC Business and Technology Center, and he is a former Chairman for the Raymore Parks and Recreation Department and is still an active member of the Board. 


There is also another side to Simon. He is a published author, an accomplished musician and his credits include Sonny & Cher, The Righteous Brothers and Darlene Love. Simon’s early musical adventures are documented in the 1996 book titled, “Surfin’ Guitars, Instrumental Bands of the Sixties” by Robert J. Dalley and published by Popular Culture Inc.  

In addition to his 43 years of business experience, Simon has also been a poster child for a national advertising campaign, he's had his picture on a Burger King Tray Liner, he’s worked in a movie that won 10 Academy Awards and he gets to work with nice people like you. Who could ask for anything more?


Without a doubt he has a diversity of professional and practical experience to draw from in order to share and entertain while still getting the message home to his audience.